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about 12 years ago

Another Question -- and Answer -- About Preparing Your Entry

Here’s another question about preparing an entry in the contest which, in fairness to all participants, we thought we should answer on the Blog so everyone can rely on the response.   We’re paraphrasing the question just a little bit.

A participant asks:

“Can we submit the contest entry with the provider names etc, and then later submit the signed letters from the CEOs? I just want to be sure because I will have the submission ready well before I get the CIO signatures back.”

Background to this question is this: Section 1(b)(ii) of the rules says that if an entrant’s Blue Button®-enabled PHR is installed in an LCP organization with 100 or more practitioners, the entrant must provide written approval and acknowledgement by the CEO or equivalent of that organization.

Answer is: the CEO approvals/acknowledgements are submitted later. Section 8(f)(ii) of the rules says:

“Prior to final designation as the winner of this competition, the apparent winner will be required to submit documentation . . . of written approval and confirmation of installation signed by the chief executive officer or equivalent of any LCP organization through which 100 or more practitioners are offering the Blue Button® PHR; . . . .

Trust this is helpful to folks preparing their entries.