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McKesson's RelayHealth is the winner of the Blue Button for All Americans Contest.


October 25, 2011             


WASHINGTON – RelayHealth, McKesson’s connectivity business, has been named the winner of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) “Blue Button for All Americans” contest.

RelayHealth won the $50,000 contest prize by making a Blue Button personal health record (PHR) system available to all patients, including Veterans, of more than 25,000 physicians across America.   VA’s Innovations Initiative (VAi2) sponsored the contest.

“We held this contest to help Veterans across America to be able to download their health data regardless of where they get their care,” said Secretary…

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We have a winner in the Blue Button for All Americans Contest!

Folks:  There is a winner in the Blue Button® for All Americans Contest! 

We'll be making a formal announcement early this week, so watch this space, the VAi2 website http://www.va.gov/vai2/, the VA media room: http://www.va.gov/vai2/, and the VAntage Point blog: http://www.blogs.va.gov/VAntage/ for official word.  

We're quite impressed with what our winner has done with the Blue Button®. We think you will be, too. 

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Another Question -- and Answer -- About Preparing Your Entry

Here’s another question about preparing an entry in the contest which, in fairness to all participants, we thought we should answer on the Blog so everyone can rely on the response.   We’re paraphrasing the question just a little bit.

A participant asks:

“Can we submit the contest entry with the provider names etc, and then later submit the signed letters from the CEOs? I just want to be sure because I will have the submission ready well before I get the CIO signatures back.”

Background to this question is this: Section 1(b)(ii) of the rules says that if an entrant’s…

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Answers to Questions About Preparing Your Entry

We received some questions the other day from a participant who wanted some guidance about the entry which they’re preparing.   In fairness to all potential entrants, here’s the questions (some of which we’ve paraphrased) and our answers.

 Q:  Can the five page narrative description required by Section 5(b)(i) [of the rules] include graphics?

 A:  Yes, but the narrative -- including graphics -- can’t exceed five pages.

 Q:   Section 5(b)(ii) [of the rules] requires that you be able to download the application to determine whether it meets the requirements of the contest.  Will a link to a training site suffice for…

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Reducing complexity. Officially.

One of the really cool things about contests like this is that they generate conversations which help turn complexity into simplicity.  

Ryan D. asked us this question on the Discussion forum:

“What I want to know is if I setup a web server and then have the web application accessible to all LCP's and get 25,000 LCP's to put a link on their website to my website with the Blue Button Application, does that count?  There would be no requirement for the LCP's to have to download anything, it would just run from my web server.  All the code behind…

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Welcome to the Blue Button for All Americans Contest

Welcome to the VA Blue Button Provider Contest blog.   This is one place to come for news about the Contest -- and importantly, the place to come for any official guidance on the contest itself.

 That’s because if you send questions or comments which tell us that we need to clarify things about the contest, this is where you’ll read about it.  And if you read a clarification here – on this Blog – you can rely on it when you send in your application for the prize.

 So what’s this contest about?  A couple of things. 

 First, we want…

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