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CIO sign off

Section 1b(ii) contains BOLD notice that CIO attestations are needed before a prize can be awarded. Can we submit the contest entry with the provider names etc, and then POST submission, or post award, submit the signed letters from the CIOs? I just want to be sure because I will have the submission ready well before I get the CIO signitures back.
Please advise

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    Check the Blog for the answer -- we put it there so you and other participants can rely on the answer when preparing your entry.

    Do want to point out one other thing -- under the rules, it's the CEO, not the CIO, which needs to sign the approval and acknowledgement of an installation.

    And keep in mind that we only need these approvals/acknowledgments if your Blue Button(r)-enabled PHR is installed in an LCP with 100 or more practitioners.

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