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Blue book specification details

Where will I find specification document for Blue Book format? Currently we support patients  to download their PHR in CCD format in our portal. The sections we show in the PHR are Alerts/allergies,  Problem List, Current Medications and Lab/Diagnostic image results(sections that are required to meet meaningful use compliance) . What are the minimum sections that have to be supported in PHR to be eligible to participate in Blue book contest?


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     You can find the template for the Blue Button® ASCII format on our website at www.va.gov/bluebutton in the sample files area: http://www.va.gov/BLUEBUTTON/docs/VA_My_HealtheVet_Blue_Button_Sample_Version_11_3_1_All_Data.txt
     We’ve found the ASCII format is very usable by patients since they can download, read, save and print their Blue Button® data on any computer, anywhere, without special software.  Patients can also take their data with them on a thumb drive or other memory device – and their doctors and hospitals can also read, save and print without needing to have CCD or other translators.
    What sections must be provided?  We kept the rules pretty vague on this – on purpose.   We thought different developers and different end users would have different ideas about what kinds of data their patients would want to be able to download and receive from their clinical providers.
     As pertinent to your questions, the rules say a qualifying Blue Button® PHR must:
     . . . provide patients with a simple, convenient and secure means for entering and storing their personal health data and retrieving that data via download.” 
    “. . . support downloads in, at a minimum, in ASCII and .pdf formats.  The ASCII download format will be identical to and interoperable with the VA ASCII-based Blue Button℠ text file and can read and write to the VA format.  .  .  .  . “
     The rules also have optional features you can include should you choose:
     “The Blue Button℠ PHR application may also, but is not required to:
     “ i)        Include additional data fields based on the nature or types of clinical services provided by the sponsoring LCP or LCP organization, or
     “ ii)      Offer additional functions, such as allowing LCPs or LCP organizations to export clinical information to a patient’s PHR; allowing patients to electronically transmit PHR data to their LCP or LCP organization; and allowing LCPs or LCP organizations, when authorized by a patient, to electronically transfer the patient’s PHR data via NHIN Direct to another LCP or health institution.”
     Based on your description, it sounds like you may already be positioned to meet the optional criteria.  If your application also supports the ASCII and .pdf downloads as additional options the patient can select, you may well have a package which meets the requirements for this contest. 

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    James, Thanks for the detailed response.

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